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I sent the following message out last night in a normal way, and it
registered as sent, but now there is a message that it was rejected and
returned to me.  So based on that, I will send it again.

To Brad for the copy of Yours Aye.  It seems like Oregon drops off the map
        once   in awhile although it seems like every citizen is bent upon
making a splash
        international news.  Don't you think that Oregon gets in the news
(often negatively)
        more than its share-Senator Packwood, Tanya Harding, New Carissa,
Keiko the
        Whale, endangered Owls, Salmon, etc.
     Also for the clipping from Nov. 6, 1998 Washington Post telling about
Prince Henry's voyage.   Post Card showing Sinclair Plantation 1776 near Sea
Island, GA, and Atlantic Journal/The Atlanta Constition articlie concerning
"The Vinland Map and Tartar Relation" which explains how historians and
scientists analyzed the map to re-establish its authenticity.  This map is
dated to about 1440 ....(seems maybe to connect into the Zeno map)

Thanks to Desiree Sinclair for history pages.  I hope that I haven't lost
your E-mail address.

Thanks to Myra Perala and Kristin Hussein for your help on the Rollo

Thanks to Ray Lower for the Sinclair references.

Thanks to John Quarterman for his Duke nickname info

Thanks to Chris Melahn for the list of pony express riders.

And I think I express the thanks of everyone to all of you who have so many
interesting things to share.
Don't forget to write to
National Geographic TGraveler
Keith Bellows, editor
1145  17th St. N.W.
Washington, DC 20036-45688

And encourage him to read the Frederick Pohl book concerning Prince Henry's
voyage.  Fill him in on some of the facts (see our website)  then tell him
that the 2000 gathering in Caithness with its link to Nova Scotia would make
a great article for "Melissa Fossi's Journey".  More detailed sample letter
in E-mail archives for Apr. 9, 1999.  I haven't done this yet either.  On my
to do list now.

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