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Sutherland book might be helpful

A friend loaned the book "A Prospect of Sutherland" by Gilbert T. Bell to
me.  Henry Sinclair b. 1580 m. Janet Sutherland.  There quite a few
marriages between Sinclairs and Sutherlands so this might be of interest to
many of you.  It concerns events connected with Carbisdale Castle which was
built by the Dutchess of Sutherland and later gifted to the Scottish Youth
Hostels Assoc.  It is full of family scandal and intregues.  Early history
of this area starts  with Allan, Thane of Sutherland, who was killed by
Macbeth when he was attempting to secure the throne from the future Malcolm
III sometime around 1057.
    Then the second chapt. begins with the 17th earl of Sutherland and his
wife.  All of us on the line of John of Exeter are equally Sutherlands since
one or more of them married a Sutherland wife.  We do equally owe our genes
to the women's side as well as the mans.  That's a fact.
    One of the Dukes in here in 1864 entertained some interesting
personalities of history.  He built a RR from Ardgay across the Kyle of
Sutherland to Golspie to Helmsdale .  The line north went to Wick and
Thurso.  He also tried a couple of different industries to impove the
economy of the area.  Much of what he did must have affected Caithness also.
     I know you will find all the characters in this book sooo interesting.
and was the Duke "accidently" shot?  Then the family war really heated up!!
    This book was bought in Scotland. Published by Birlinn Ltd. 13 Roseneath
St.  Edinburgh EH9 1JH.   ISBN 1 87474425 4.    Probably not available here
but will be on my purchase list when we get to Scotland next year for the
2000th gathering.
Portland, OR

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