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Re: Duncan Sinclair--SC & son John????

     In my search for finding the parents of Peter Sinclair, born in 1771 in 
Scotland, and dying, December 25, 1843, in Moore County, North Carolina, I, 
too, have claimed John Sinclair and Mary as "mine."  The problem is that 
yours, John Sinclair and Mary, Duncan Sinclair and Isobel McIntyre were in 
Union Co. S.C.
Mine came from Wilmington in 1774 up to Moore County, N.C.
     Land deeds show Isobel Sinclair as acquiring a deed to property in 1785 
on Campbell's Creek in eastern Moore County.  This makes me think that Duncan 
is dead.  Isobel McIntyre and Duncan were "married at the ferry" before 
starting their voyage to the new world in 1774.  Baptismal records recorded 
at Glenorchy and Inishail Parish, Argyllshire, show the John and Mary 
Sinclair had three children baptised there: Mary on November 29, 1769, 
Donald, on May 20, 1770, and Peter, September 4, 1772.
     I would appreciate your sharing with me what information you have on the 
father of John Sinclair and on Mary Fulton.  These may not be the John and 
Mary who were the parents of Peter, but any information given now might give 
clarity in the future.  Do you have evidence that John and Mary went to S.C?  
Do you think that John and Duncan were brothers?
     I will be happy to share what little information that I have with you.
Cornelia in N.C.

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