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Duncan Sinclair--SC & son John????

Hi All,

In struggling to place my John Sinclair [Union co. SC] as the son of Duncan
Sinclair of York Co. SC, I decided to send out my theories, and get some
fresh perspective from the list. 

A helpful "cousin" suggested that Duncan Sinclair's son John could be the
John I am searching for.  I had looked towards this Duncan before, but am 
looking again.

I know from Duncan's will that he had a son John.  I "assume" [there's that
dangerous word] that Duncan was married twice.  Ship records show
that he was married to Isobel McIntyre.  His will states his wife as Mary.
One source that I have seen says she is Mary Fulton. 

The way the will of Duncan reads, it would lead one to think that he had two
sets of children:

he leaves property/money to children:  James, Ann, Preshus, John, Robert,
and Katharin,   He then mentions three younger sons [not of age] Jesse, Elias 
and Elijah.

Could the "older children have been Isobel's and the younger one's Mary's?

Duncan states in his will "If the family should find it convenient to remove 
to the
Western Watters, .............If the family shoud remove as before, my son 
Sinclair is to be Executor.."

This would make you think that he did not feel John would move with the rest
of the family.

In the Probate record for Duncan is a slip of paper that says........
Qualified Mary Sinclair.......Exec 1805.....
then it says:
November 10th 1817
qualified JOHN Sinclair Executor to the within Will

So this would lead me to believe that they all left, except John, if he was
still in York, in 1817, he first appears on the Union co. Census in 1820.

There is a cemetery in Gaston  Co. NC [just over the SC line] where a Mary
Sinclair is buried.  The plot on one side of her is just a rock, and the 
other side
is "unreadable".  If this is Duncan's "second" wife, then she is too young to
have been the mother of my John.  As I have estimated his birth date to be
about 1780 [from census records].  This Mary died 12-17-1830 at 53 years
old.  But she could be the mother of the three younger sons.

My next step is to research the land transfers to find out what happend to the
100 acres Duncan left in his will.  Maybe somewhere is a refernce to a John
of Union co.   [wishful thinking].

If you have read this far----thank you, if you sorta understood what I am 
to say-------God Bless you.

Any ideas???????    
Lisa Burns SC
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