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Re: Sinclair slant on Hornblower

I forgot when entering the reply key that my direct email went to the entire
net and not to your specific address. To make the Hornblower saga and my
reply on Louisbourg more interesting to Sinclairs let me add the Sinclair
vantage point. If there were naval officers serving in the Admiralty under
the name of St Clair/Sinclair the records would still exist. The names of
any of the seamen if known (and not using false names which was common.) The
fortress of Louisbourg lies outside Louisbourg Nova Scotia. In the municipal
park there is a plaque to Prince Henry's potentially visiting the area. In
his book The Sword and the Grail; Andrew Sinclair mentions Ft. Louisbourg as
a site of historical importace for this reason. For my American and Canadian
cousins, you are in for a historical treat when you visit this location well
up in the highlands of Cape Breton the home of so many of Scots descent.
Neil Toronto-PEI-Argyle
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