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Re: Astonishing Sinclair history!

osaltsandy@thurston.com An addition`to Laurel's run down of Sinclair/St Clair history.  Yes there was a US President.  This information came from Dan Valentine's book of little known facts entitled SPIRIT OF AMERICA  essay no. 9.   Because there was an 8 year gap between the founding of our nation and the ratifacation of the constitution (1781-1789) there were 8 people who held the position of elected president before George Washington.  Each of those years the president of the US Continental Congress was the prime authority of the nation.  They were elected for one year. Those men in order were:1.John Hansen 2.Richard Henry Lee 3.Elias Boudinot  4.Thomas Mifflin 5.John Hancock 6. Nathaniel Gorhan 7.ARTHUR SINCLAIR   (Who was also the Gen Arthur Sinclair ) 8.Cyrus Griffin and then in 1789 George Washington.   
Sandy Sinclair (old history teacher of Olympia Washington)

> From: Spirit One Email <laurel@spiritone.com>
> To: sinclair@zilker.net
> Subject: Astonishing Sinclair history!
> Date: Friday, April 09, 1999 7:34 PM
> Dear Cousins,
>     This job is so much fun and it is because of all of you.  I know there
> are some silent ones lurking about that haven't spoken up but one of these
> days we'll hear from you also, I bet.
>     It seems like the Sinclairs/St. Clairs  were everywhere during
> historical times:
> They were descendants of Vikings,
> They beat Columbus to this hemisphere by 94 years.
> and were Counts, Dukes, Queens, Kings, Prime Minister in Australia,
> right?,etc.
> About 8 of them accompanied another one named William the Conqueror to the
> Battle of Hastings
> They were hard working soldiers, sailors, wives, and grandmas.
> Since so many made up the Royalty and relatives of the monarchy of England,
> there must have been Sinclairs at all of their battles
> Many in Rev. war on both sides-Generals to privates
> They were trappers and workers with the Hudsons Bay Co.
> I suppose the War of 1812 had its share
> Were there any at the Alamo?
> Do we have some Gold Rush stories?
> I heard one was with Custer, where is the story on that?  Don't quote this
> until we dig it up again.
> Of course the Civil War
> And as short a span of time as the Pony Express covered, we had a Sinclair
> manage to participate also in that also.
> How about the Spanish American War?
> One was a mysterious Earl living in ND
> Any on the Titanic?
> Industrialists, oil men, politicians, musicians, writers
> Isn't it time for a President Sinclair/St. Clair.  Ha
> I would like to see a few more entires on this list for Sinclair women..  I
> know I've left out many catagories.  But think about those interesting
> ancestors.  We will capture their stories eventually, so don't go away.
> And then we had the question about apparitions in the Sinclair castles.
> Well, let me tell you, when we get all this collected you are going to see
> that in this area our ghosts have not shirked their duty also!
>     Still waiting to see whether anyone has the "White Lady" story.
> Laurel
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