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Re: Beginnings of Protestantism and Presbyterianism

     I enjoyed your summary of the Beginnings of Protestantism and 
Presbyterianism  very much, and thought you did an excellent job of making 
the historical events concise.
     I would like to mention, however, that there is not a Baptist "faith."  
Baptists are Christians, and Christian is a faith.  During the Protestant 
reformation, many denominations were formed, but they were all Christians.  
By in large, the differences were in their forms of government, and perhaps 
the degree of formal education required for their ministers.  Presbyterian 
and Episcopal clery had more formal education, requirements in the study of 
Greek and Hebrew, than some of the circuit riders that began to roam the 
countryside.  Different denominations had different degrees of formality;  
the Episcopalians were more formal, perhaps than Presbyterians, who, at that 
time, wanted to have a more austere church, with no semblence of the Roman 
Church in regards to statues, robes, anything that was "decorative."  Just as 
the Cromwellians burned and destroyed Roman Catholic churches, so that these 
images were destroyed, Calvinists (John Knox) made sure that their churches 
would have no trappings.
      At any rate, the point is, that regardless of the form of worship that 
these new Protestants took, their faith was the same.  They were Christians.


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