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John SINCLAIR--Pony Express Rider

My Sinclair/St. Clair research is centered on Kansas and Missouri.

I recently acquired a listing of Pony Express Riders (an 18-month program, 3 
April 1860 through October 1861) that was generated by the Pony Express 
Museum in St. Joseph,  Missouri.  One of the individuals listed was John 
SINCLAIR.  He is not part of our family, but thought someone might be 
interested.  Anyone connect to John?

If you feel your relative may have been there as well, I can do look-ups on 
this list. However, please be aware that it was a program of very limited 
duration, and the list has a total of about 170 names. Just a couple of names 
this group may find of interest: James E. DUNLOP, and James and William 


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