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Thanks-research books

Dear Cousins,
    Thank you for your suggestions on the Kiev, and Norman books.  Also
Ian's "Saint Clairs of the Isles" sounds like a good resource book to keep
in mind.   Even though the web seems like a good source of information, I
don't think it is the best.  The most we can get from it is the information
to go to more indepth reading.  This touches on my annoyance with the "Quick
Fix" of history illustrated with the abbreviated version of Thanksgiving
which left out the real death-struggle they had for 2 1/2 years before the
really abundant Thanksgiving.
    Maybe some of you have noticed that books mentioned a lot in these
messages.  My reading really began just 5 years ago when on jury
uty.  --before that when raising our kids, I got cranky when people
interrupted my reading so reading was ignored except  to read to the
kids--The Hobbit series, Narnia, 10 books by L. M. Montgomery, etc. ---

There was little action as we waited to be called for jury duty.  I
understand that many states just call in a small number of people from the
pool each day but not here.  It is a room full of about 150 people waiting
around every day for a week.
    During the years I had picked up at garage sales a few books like, Sixth
wife of Henry the VIII and Mary Queen of Scotts.  That was the spark that
got me going.  I was amazed at all the resource information available after
all these centuries.  There was information down to the wedding presents
that Queen Mary gave her ladies in waiting.  And I couldn't get out of my
mind the image of her racing on her horse across the land with her hair
flying loose .  Anyway you can't get that on the internet.  By the time you
bring up a bit of information there, you could have read 3 pages of really
amazing stuff.
Laurel-Portland OR
St. Clairs to WI

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