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Re: Clan Sinclair Website Reporter?


A few comments.

Laurel has done a massive bit of work in collecting 57
Frequently Asked Questions, which you will find under FAQ in

Many of them still need answers.  Probably various of you know the answers;
please send them in to Laurel, laurel@spiritone.com, or to

She also supplied half a dozen new entries for the Glossary.

Neil remarks:
>Your note of this morning is heading in the right direction. There are a
>number of bits of information that come every day some of specific interest
>and some of general interest from historical or geographical perspectives.
>Over time we are really amassing a ton of valuable information that needs to
>be sorted and gathered into comprehensive summaries and references. I save a
>lot of what goes through and there is a lot of interesting material that
>starts linking together. You will recall the "stuff" around the Sinclair
>migration to your neck of the woods spawned responses to Sinclair place
>names and a whole bunch of material sifted through this. It i a small
>example. I have to split but am ready to follow up further on this tomorrow.

Yes, please.  The more people working on bits that interest them, the more
interesting connections we will find.  Also, any of you who have your
own web pages or want to start some, please do so.  As I've mentioned
before (every chance I get), the web pages I do were never intended
to be the only Sinclair web pages; there are many other pages out there
already; and the beauty of the web is we can link them all together.

>My observation is that there are a number of passionate historians around
>with specific fields of expertise and areas of concentration.  Do keep up
>the good work and reach me individually if you need.

Sounds like a volunteer to me. :-)

>Neil Toronto PEI forever Argyll

John Sinclair Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>
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