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Re: Honbl Lt William SINCLAIR

There is a further possibility if the officer in question was the only one 
noted on the list as "Honorable ".

He may have been ill ,  wounded or otherwise disabled and absent from duty .

Thus the characterization of his circumstances as " Honorable ".

In todays armies , most have a " Morning Report " listing the status of all 
assigned troops .

If someone is not present ,  they would either be accounted for or " missing 
" without excuse( Leave )  i.e. "AWOL " or a "Deserter "depending on the 
length of unexcused absence and the conditions at the time -- army at war, 
unit scheduled for service overseas , etc.

I hope the expanded explanation helped .

To get a better feeling for the customs of the Officer Corps see the 
Encyclopedia Brittanica and look up " Officer " --lots of good Historical 
background there although
I have not looked to it for my additions to the list as I was once a 
commissioned army officer and I am now a wing staff officer in the USAF 
Auxiliary .

Joe Greigg

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