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Honbl Lt William SINCLAIR

I am grateful for Joe's information on the title "Honbl"
Honbl Lt William Sinclair did indeed come from an army muster list, 1777.
I wonder why the other officers did not have Honbl in front of their names?
The only other title I can see on another list is Sir William Erskine, who
was obviously titled.
Perhaps Joe or someone would like to add to this.
Ed in Scotland
I should like to expand on the topic "Honbl " as indicated in the subject
line .
" Honorable " in a military context characterizes the military service
rendered i.e satisfactory .
The opposite would be " Dishonorable ".
Those descriptions are in use even today .
If the officer in question was in the British army , it can be taken for
granted that he was from the "Upper Class " , since British Officers of that
and most later periods of necessity had to supplement their meager army
salary with outside wealth in order to pursue a military career !
I hope the above info proves clarifying ?
Joe Greigg

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