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Re: Dalmally

At 08:39 AM 3/24/1999 -0500, Juli wrote:

>Dalmally Church is beautiful.  The square shaped clock tower with the
>attached octagonal church is very unusual but beautifully positioned on its
>small rise of land.
>...Kilchurn Castle, at times described as gloomy, has become my favorite
piece >of real estate.

John Quarterman has kindly posted my photographs of Sinclair-related sites
on his Clan Sinclair web site, but I didn't want to impose on him with more
of my photos of Scotland so I am building my own web pages.  Included will
be photos of the Dalmally Church and Kilchurn Castle, as well as many other
images of beautiful Scotland.  At the time my wife and I visited Dalmally,
I didn't know about the Argyll Sinclairs--we were interested in the
MacGregors of Glenstrae and Glenorchy.

I will let you know when my web site is up and running--hopefully soon.

Richard Huseth
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