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Headstones - Islay

Hello Juli, it's nice to have you back, and to read about your explorations among the cemeteries in Argyll.  It induced me to dig out the records of our
sluething in Islay 2 years ago, so I'll add this to the list:

In the Kilarrow Parish Graveyard, on the Islay estate, Bridgend (this later became known as Bowmore Parish)

"To the memory of Duncan Sinclair of Glenmachry who died 1845, aged 30 years, and his mother, Mary Darrach.

Here lies the Remains of John Sinclair, late tenant of Curaloch, died March 16, 1831 aged 71 years., and Effie Clark, his spouse died Dec. 11, 1846, aged 76 years.

In loving memory of Catharine sinclair who died at Glenmachrie, March 25, 1873, aged 3 years.
Malcolm sinclair, steamer agent and postmaster, who died at Port Ellen Aug. 16, 1900, age 33 years.
daughter and son of Alexander Sinclair, late tenant farmer, Glenmachrie

1674 R P 
     I S

This is the burying place of John Sinclair, residenter in Bowmore.  Also here lies his father Archibald Sinclair, who died 1749 age 35 years

This is Archibald Sinklar's burial place  1756"

The last three slabs are side-by-side, actually touching.  I have no idea what the 1674 slab is about.

Just thought you might be interested in the fact that the Islay Sinclairs were
there quite early in the Argyll history.  I can't identify any of them as being
our branch.

Just for the record, Neil,  the Archibald I wrote to you about earlier from
Mullindry Farm is no relation to our Neil from Neriby farm.  The farms were across the lane from one another, but I cannot find a connection.  None of Neil's children or grandchildren were named Archibald.  Neil's wife, Christian,
and her family lived on Neriby farm, so I guess Neil lived there after they married.

Have to go study.  Heavy horticultural course on this week.  I know it sounds
fluffy, but the course is gruelling.  It's been going on since 1997, and by the
end of this year, I'll be a certified judge.  (If I'm not certified lunatic!)

Hope you all have a better week!


PS - Are we interested in opening up this group to other Sinclairs who are researching Argyll Sinclairs?  I know that Rick Sinclair (cnd hound@aol something or other), Myra Pyrala, and Larry Fowler are all Argyll Sinclairs too. 

PPS Sorry to everyone who isn't specifically interested in the Argyll group, but
my mesage wouldn't go through the normal channel.   T.

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