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Re: Washington state mailing

Hi, Jean!
Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. We were preparing for a big barbeque this last weekend and then I ended up with one hand splinted due to cutting two fingers while preparing fruit slices. The fruit went into the compost, I went to the emergency room and the family has taken over all my chores. Except for the ones I can do one handed. Even using the computer becomes a chore with only one hand!! Remember to thank God for the use of all your appendages!!!
We, Rory and Desiree, are the ones in Washington State that received your mailing so many years ago. Rory was only 6 then but he is ready now to pursue family history.
So, we are back to searching for our Ernest Norman Sinclair b. 12 Nov. 1879 in Farmington, Mo and his wife Edna Irene Stammer b. 1 Sept. 1884.
His father was Sylvester Sinclair and mother Adeline Powell. My records list them as born in Mo.
The copy of the letter that I have was written by Edna Stammer Sinclair dated 1939 and she covered more of the Stammer family (back to Waterloo!) than the Sinclairs
There you have it!              Desiree
Jean Grigsby wrote:
  I cannot locate the person who was asking about a mailing I did long ago related to my quarterlies to Sinclair/St. Clair families in Washington state.  Yes, I remember it well - I was trying to complete one of the branches of my line (Archive Family VA-1) that migrated through several states and ended up in Washington state.  I was successful and that is one of the 26 unpublished books on my line.  If I can help you, please contact me again.   I do not have time to go through all the messages and apparently the subject line did not say Washington. I also did a mass mailing in Virginia when I was working on the two brothers who stayed there.Jean Grigsby