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Info on my Sinclairs - Glasgow

Thanks to all who have replied to my request for info on how to begin to
trace your
family.  Many of you asked for more details, so here it what I have so

My grandfather was Alexander Roy Sinclair, born Nov. 22, 1910 in
Glasgow, Scotland,
died about Oct. 20, 1990 in Rothesay, Bute.  He married Mary Giblin
Blackshaw Burton
on Halloween 1930 to 1933.  I'm not sure which year.  Is Halloween
observed on Oct.
31 in Scotland?? Anyone know?  Alexander's father was Peter Sinclair
(worked for the
North British Locomotive Company) and married Sara McLellen.

My grandmother, Mary Giblin Blackshaw Burton was born July 19, 1914 in
Glasgow and
died either July 31/August 1, 1994 in Livingston.  Mary's father was
Samuel Burton.
I don't have any dates for him yet, but know that he married a Mary, and
that he was
in the Cameron Highlanders in WWI.

I also have the names of my grandparents siblings, but no dates.

Thanks for the many offers of assistance.  I look forward to learning

Mississauga Ontario Canada

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