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Re: Brooklyn, NYC, Sinclairs

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to Gail and Lou
Thank you for the info on the Brooklyn Sinclairs.  Prospect Park is 
familiar. My Grand Father name was John; I haven't heard of the others.  
I will have to dig out my papers and census reports.
I will be prepared, next time I message you.
Thanks again
Richard Sinclair

>From: Gail and Lou <lfghm@earthlink.net>
>Reply-To: sinclair@jump.net
>To: R S <sinclair@jump.net>
>Subject: Brooklyn, NYC, Sinclairs
>Date: Sat, 13 Mar 1999 10:25:53 -0500
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>Dear Richard:
>My name is Gail Mottola.  My ancestors include great-grandparents
>Virginia Sinclair Boice, who married Dr. Frank Barrows Seeley.  They
>lived in Kingston, NY, where "Ampie" was a pastor at the Fair St. Dutch
>Reformed Church for over 40 years.  Virginia's mother Caroline had a
>sister, also named Virginia.  They all had connection with Brooklyn, 
>as the father and mother of sistersVirginia and Caroline were the
>daughters of Joseph and Rebecca (Hermance) Sinclair. I have recently
>learned from Jean Grigsby after sending her my documentation, that John
>and Elizabeth (Williams) Sinclair are the parents of Joseph and other
>children. John and Elizabeth are buried (I have not proven this fact
>yet) in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY.
>Until recently I thought all of my family had been from Ulster Co., NY,
>where the father of Virginia Boice Seeley was Hewitt Boice, known in 
>state as the "Bluestone King" in the mlast quarter of the 1800's and
>early 1900's.  The reason I mention him is not because I am proud of 
>his work, which I am, but just as a reference point for you. John and
>Elizabeth lived in Brooklyn (documented) as of 1824.  Joseph, their 
>moved to Boiceville, NY,as shown in the 1855 census and known as such 
>family records.
>I think there is great possibility that the families connected in some
>way.  If the surname Shurter  means anything to you, there is a reason.
>If you are really serious about exchanging information and evidence,
>please let me know. Some people simply want a quick answer, but aren't
>interested in the documentation or real resarch that is required for
>archival preservation.  And if you just want to chat, re: genealogy in
>general, that's fine, too.
>I am not a professional genealogist, but I do want to put together the
>family records as much as possible for posterity with authenticity and
>hopefully, interesting stories and facts that accompany such findings.
>Whatever results from my search will be housed as part of Jean Grisby's
>archival Sinclair collection.
>Best Regards,
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