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RE: AUTOPOST: Guest Book Entry [Margaret Stokes]

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I'm hunting now for any info I have on the Sutherland lines.  I think that
Donald Sinclair (djhsmfs@aol.com) (one of the Western Commissioners of the
Clan Sinclair Association USA -lives in San Rafael) might be able to help -
as he is related to us through my great grandparents... (Hi Donald, Jean's
daughter here). So he may have more info than I do at present time.
But any information I do get I'll be sure to pass along, in case we can
match it up somewhere!  Mum tells me though that the reason (according to my
grandfather) that so many of the family married Sutherlands is because they
were neighbours - at least it gives an area to look in!??


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Margaret  I read your entry and I was also interested in the Sutherlands.  I
have Sutherland in my family line and I have not been able to find anybody
from them either.  I am new to this and don't know the best places to start.
I can never seem to find the same place twice!  My husband's  great
grandfather's name was Andrew but he was supposedly married to an Alice
Mountjoy.  I don't know how many children there were but I think there was
in addition to Gaylord.  Would appreciate any help as I am getting
in my search.