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Re: Repetition

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Welcome to the Sinclair list.
Many people on this list are new to the whole computer thing. There 
tends to be repetition at times but not overly much. 
In many cases it is helpful to include the message being replied to so 
that others know what the person is replying to. Have a little paitence 
Richard I always just delete any stuff that is to repetitive and don't 
let myself be bothered by a little repetiton.
I understand where you are coming from but I do think it a little petty. 
Please don't take offence by my comments, they are just my point of 

The great thing about this list is the variety of information passed and 
discussed. I find all of the discussion interesting even if it tends to 
be a little sidetracked, or even if it isn't directly what I was looking 
Keep up the facinating disscussions everyone.

Sincerely Jenny 
North Canterbury, New Zealand 

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