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Of Deeds

Joe Greigg; Greetings in response to your fine communication. .
I appreciated your thoughtfull communication of "misdeeds" which I read today and the values you upheld and voiced your contribution to in such a contemplative and reflective manner. In life, I have frequently found objectivity is often the victim of passions, and truth frequently hides cloaked in emotions. I have come to admire the many fine historians that have come to light on this list like Laura, John Q, Karen, Rebecca & Jean to name just a few. I accept your concerns distinguishing the misdeeds and history of the past with those living or recently deceased. I find great value in your words ..."extreme standards of discretion and care necessary when discussing those still living or the families of those recently deceased."
Now may I, instead of looking backward, look ahead for a moment at the positive energy created by this list. I see the knowledge shared and wisdom exchanged. I look at the relationships being formed and the wise words of individuals like Gary and Richard who have met many of our extended clan. I join Gary in urging the meeting in clan tents this summer, knowing a friend is always around the corner, maybe even a close relative. I have noted the many new connections of those fine genealogists like Wanda, Karen, Jean who have spent so much of their lives having mapped the past and our inter connectivity. Many many people are linking here as never before, litterally around the Globe. I am thank full to the many individuals and especially John and Paul that make this all possible, even though they are asleep some of the time while the information passes around them electronically! I am thankful for the friendships acquired along the way. A lot of positive results contributed to by a lot of great clansmen.
Neil - Toronto- PEI- Argyll
(for those of you I am finding confused as to geography i identify after my name. Toronto is Toronto Ontario Canada (in the top 5 cities of NA), PEI is Prince Edward Island, Canada, and Argyll is Argyll Scotland. Hence when I sign my name everybody with similar interests will know my interests and roots and can link directly with me if needing information which touches on this background. It might be helpful for others who want to make their roots known.