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Author:   Richard Ray Lower 
Reply-to: mailto:coqnord@goldstate.net
Location: Folsom, CA USA
Date:     Sunday, March 14, 1999

I've been working on my Caithness-rooted family for 20 years, and seem now to have all I can get from the usual sources.  Would now like to check on corollary families, so if any of you have done research on the Sinclairs of Dun, Southdun, Brabsterdorran, Whitegar or Bower (all in the Loch Watten-Wick area), let's get our data together.  My information goes back to the 1400's, but much of it comes from St Clairs of the Isles, so there isn't much detail on any of the families. On a more contemporary scale, if any of you have relatives in the large Nashville family which was headed by our immigrant ancestor, James Richard Monro Sinclair, I would be interested in adding to my data base.

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