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Re: Clan Sinclair and Clan Sinclair, Inc.

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>From my own experience, I have joined Clan Sinclair as a dues paying member
in order to support Clan activities and promote the Sinclair Clan.  By
joining as a member, you are mailed the Clan news Letter  "Yours Aye" in the
U S and this keeps you informed of Clan activities.

Clan Sinclair Scotland also has a Dues structure and a news letter
"Girnigoe"  I have tried to reach David Sinclair of Clan Scotland to attempt
to obtain a copy of the news letter and also find out if they will accept
membership from abroad.

I am sure Toni or another Canadian Sinclair can tell us about membership in
Clan Sinclair Canada and others from Australia and other places can tell if
there are Clan associations in their areas.

To quote the Clan Sinclair Web page:

"A Scottish clan  is an association of people with kinship, genealogical, or
other interest in a name and group of people originating in Scotland. "

The dues part is to assist in getting the word out.

I hope this helps,

Gary M. Sinclair