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Brooklyn, NYC, Sinclairs

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Dear Richard:

My name is Gail Mottola.  My ancestors include great-grandparents
Virginia Sinclair Boice, who married Dr. Frank Barrows Seeley.  They
lived in Kingston, NY, where "Ampie" was a pastor at the Fair St. Dutch
Reformed Church for over 40 years.  Virginia's mother Caroline had a
sister, also named Virginia.  They all had connection with Brooklyn, NY,
as the father and mother of sistersVirginia and Caroline were the
daughters of Joseph and Rebecca (Hermance) Sinclair. I have recently
learned from Jean Grigsby after sending her my documentation, that John
and Elizabeth (Williams) Sinclair are the parents of Joseph and other
children. John and Elizabeth are buried (I have not proven this fact
yet) in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY.

Until recently I thought all of my family had been from Ulster Co., NY,
where the father of Virginia Boice Seeley was Hewitt Boice, known in the
state as the "Bluestone King" in the mlast quarter of the 1800's and
early 1900's.  The reason I mention him is not because I am proud of all
his work, which I am, but just as a reference point for you. John and
Elizabeth lived in Brooklyn (documented) as of 1824.  Joseph, their son,
moved to Boiceville, NY,as shown in the 1855 census and known as such by
family records.

I think there is great possibility that the families connected in some
way.  If the surname Shurter  means anything to you, there is a reason.
If you are really serious about exchanging information and evidence,
please let me know. Some people simply want a quick answer, but aren't
interested in the documentation or real resarch that is required for
archival preservation.  And if you just want to chat, re: genealogy in
general, that's fine, too.

I am not a professional genealogist, but I do want to put together the
family records as much as possible for posterity with authenticity and
hopefully, interesting stories and facts that accompany such findings.
Whatever results from my search will be housed as part of Jean Grisby's
archival Sinclair collection.

Best Regards,


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