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sinclairs as one

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Hi Everyone
I'm new to the history behind my family sinclair name.I started off just 
getting info for my father,as he wasn't even aware of his grandfathers 
name.I thought that was very sad.I have now traced my 
g g grandfather to Lerwick in Scotland and I'm totally hooked.I'm just 
starting to get the true meaning of the clan and it feels great,the 
strength if it is amazing.I do regret very deeply the comment that I 
made earlier about us Aussies being left out.I would like to thank all 
my Sinclair family for your comments of support.After reading todays 
mail,it really moved me to see such care and deep concern expressed 
about our fellow Sinclairs.I was very touched,I especially liked the 
comments from Laurel and the beautiful response of condolence sent in by 
Neil.I live over 2000km's from any of my Sinclair family that live 
here.you guys are making me feel a little closer.
thanks for that
Ann Sinclair Geisler

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