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Castles and sects

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hello all
Again from my limited knowledge, a few points which I have read or seen 
in books and don't ask me which ones or who wrote them.

The Sinclairs were closely associated with Masons from the building 
guilds. Castles?

A "proof" of Sir/Prince Henry of Scotland (not to be confused with Henry 
the Navigator of Portugal, unless they were the same person)is that in 
Rosslyn Chapel there is a relief showing corn/maze on a few columns 
which date back before the 1400's.  Corn was native to America only at 
that time.

Mathis, Mathhie, Matteson etc , I believe are sects of Sinclair.

Some people from Guam, Thailand and Japan had trouble reaching the 
Fourth grade class.  I forwarded their message to them thinking they 
would be suprised to hear from places like that.
Oh well, if I know them they will keep trying till they get through.

Sincerely, Richard F. Sinclair

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