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Re: Surgery

I apologize to the site for this being published and sent to everyone.  I still have not learned all the ins and outs of the computer and thought this message was sent from the sender personally and not through the Sinclair site. 
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Sent: Friday, March 05, 1999 7:41 PM
Subject: Re: Surgery

Dorothy, Thanks for your concern and prayers. 
If you husband is still "forgetting to breathe" as I like to call it, PLEASE, have him check with his doctor immediately.  I should have done so about 4 months ago but just thought I was restless during the night.  They have increased my flow from level 7 to level 8 because I was having new apnea episodes.  They wanted to go to level 9 but I could not tolerate it. 
I do not know what their final decision will be - surgery is always an option - but not the best one for heart patients.  However, I do have excellent cardiologist, internist, alergist, and sleep therapist working together on it.  Hopefully the good Lord will also see fit to put me back in top shape again.  It was so wonderful for awhile that I have become spoiled.
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Sent: Friday, March 05, 1999 5:30 PM
Subject: Surgery

   I want to extend my prayers for you. My husband also has sleep apnea, and sleeps with the machine. He also still forgets to breath. I just assumed since he was getting so much air that it was ok. From what you say, it could be worse.
Hope you are feeling better soon. I am anxious to hear what you follow-up is.
Best of luck,
      Dorothy G.