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Re: Peter Sinclair of Chatham, NC

I hated to have to do that.  It caused me great agony and pain which, if you will recall, almost resulted in my going off the internet and hibernating with my research.  The sad thing is that this is not the first time.  You may not recall but I gently said "You forgot to give your source" the last time when material from my Ohio UPDATE was used.  I had hoped there would not be a repeat, but perhaps I am being challenged.
I am home after a horrible night but it was necessary.  There is only so much they can do with the machine and then I guess I will have to go to a nose,throat,ear surgeon and discuss surgery.  Today I am really down and wondering "Why me?"
Tomorrow I hope to bounce back and finally get somewhere on the Maryland/Pa families.  I actually think I have found one of the EMIGRANT Williams.  It is not yours or the one in Chester Co - who may or may not be the same - but it will take one branch completely out of the picture and make many of my subscribers happy as it will be their line.
Now you know why I am very select in the people I trust to work with.  I was going to do so with another gal who is a WHIZ at researching and a real marvel at documentation.  You can not imagine my feelings when one of my subscribers traveled to Virginia, found a copy of a complete article under her name (copied from my earliest out of print quarterlies) in the historical society library there.  Apparently she did not know how many subscribers and researchers are working with me in this Archive project.  The sad thing is that I had made firm plans to turn over one complete bookshelf to her to publish that Archive family as it was the one she descended from.
I'm too tired to do anything today but just got home and wanted you to know how much I appreciated your note.
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Subject: Re: Peter Sinclair of Chatham, NC

Dear Jean:

No wonder you are gun-shy about all this.  Good for you for speaking out publicly.  I know from music that people don't understand about propriatory rights. My entire methodology of learning texts of foreign choral music  was copied by a man at the University of Colorado with no permission, acknowledgment, or licensing from me.
That is why I discussed directly these issues with you up front.   It's tough.   At least your email puts others on notice.

I can suggest a patent attorney to you in Austin; I'm not sure she handles copyrights. I didn't want to pursue my methodology, which, by the way, I had used with my Womens' Concert Choir at the University of Texas, Austin.  I just wanted the methodology out into academia; there's a world's worth of music to cover! BUT,  I certainly could have used the recognition and acknowledgment to further the cause of same in my academic field and the non-profit organization I founded to bring intercultural music to the forefront of music in education.  Almost ten years went into developing and implementing the method; writing articles, appearing at conferences, and trying to get grants, hiring translators, etc.  I've been there.

Best Regards,    Gail

Jean Grigsby wrote:

Karen,I do hope my unpublished book is not included in your works.  I have had numerous persons contact me about material being sent out under two names who have purchased my books.  Yours was one of the names.  The material was verbatum - even the errors.  The other person was named English.  I recall her purchasing my book but do not have her address to ask her to remove my copyrighted book from the LDS internet in their libraries.  The people who sent me the information were stunned to find my material being flagrantly passed off as the work of others.Jean
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 My book entitled "Peter Sinclair of Chatham County, North Carolina" is now available!  This work contains brief biographies of Peter Sinclair, his father David, and Peter’s children and grandchildren.  Also included are photocopies of original documents, and 21 pages of descendants containing up to 10 generations.  This book is indexed, and contains footnotes.  80 pages, soft-cover.  Cost is $25.00 U.S. postage-paid.

Contact Karen J. Matheson directly at zoo@slkc.uswest.net if you are interested in receiving a copy.