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Re: The Banner mail and Flags

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Thanks John
I appreciate it, but is what I said about St. Andrew true?

>From what I know, heard etc. St. Andrews cross, the white "X" on blue 
>>represents the crucifixtion of St. Andrew who insisted he was unworthy 
>>to be crucified like Christ. So he insisted that they crucify him 
>>horizontally and the "X" represents that.
>St. Andrew's cross is also called a Saltire.
>The white on blue color scheme has to do with such a cross that
>appeared in clouds in the sky at a battle, signalling Scottish
>victory.  I think it was the battle of Largs in 1263,
> http://www.scotclans.com/clans/1263.htm
>The white on blue St. Andrew's cross flag is also called the Saltire.
>As a flag, it is one of the oldest national flags in the world.
> http://www.worrall.net/clients/fotw/flags/gb-scotl.htm
>>In the British flag, if you look there is the St. Andrews cross as 
>>as St. George's cross (vertical and horizontal red) and I believe the 
>>cross representing Wales as well.  The flag came about after the 
>>unification of Scotland, Wales and England.
>That's the Union Jack.  Its blue was darkened about 1801 and again in
>1869, and is much darker than the blue color of the Saltire.
> http://www.worrall.net/clients/fotw/flags/gb.html
>What blue the Saltire should be is a subject of much debate.
>The best answer I've seen is to wait to see what flies outside
>the new Scottish Parliament House when it opens; the color of
>that flag will have been pedanted to death.
>The Saltire also appears in many other flags, including those of
>Nova Scotia, Hawaii, and Georgia, all of which may be seen in
> http://www.mids.org/sinclair/
>There is also the flag of the Army of Northern Virginia,
> http://www.worrall.net/clients/fotw/flags/us-anv.html
>and its derivative the Confederate battle flag.
>All of these Saltires are derived by various historical processes
>from the Scottish Saltire.  The Hawaii flag, for example, incorporates
>a Union Jack.  And if you count all the other flags that do the same,
>such as Australia, the total number is probably rather large.
>There are other Saltire flags that are probably not related,
>such as the red on white St. Patrick's Saltire Irish flag,
>and the green historical Polish flag.
>John Sinclair Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>

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