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Re: Fw: Class Project

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Great project!!!!!!!
I and my son are only in California but I think you may be suprised by 
the "unknown monk".
Just for your info, I got this on March 4,and sending this reply right 
I would be interested in knowning the farthest/remotest location you 
have heard from.

Hope your project is fun and informative.
By the way, I got your message from a Sinclair email newsletter.

Sincerely, Richard F. Sinclair

we are a fourth grade class
>>>>>>at Sieden Prairie School in Matteson, Illinois.
>>>>>>Our class has 16 boys and 7 girls.
>>>>>>Our school has 360 students.
>>>>>>We decided to map an email project for our school
>>>>>>because we were curious to see how far email can
>>>>>>travel by Internet in the United States.
>>>>>>Our project will last just two months,
>>>>>>beginning January 22, 1999 and ending March 22, 1999
>>>>>>We would like your help.
>>>>>>We ask that:
>>>>>>      1. If you receive our email letter,
>>>>>>          could you email our class back telling us your location.
>>>>>>      2. Also, please send our class letter on to 2 more people.
>>>>>>  Our email address is
>>>>>>  fourthgrade4b@yahoo.com

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