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Hello John St. Clair

You wrote':  " I am a St. Clair descended from Thurstons of Maine.  My great
grandmother, Lena Effie Thurston married Corydon York.  They gave birth to my
grandmother, Mabel M. York, who married Arthur W. St. Clair of Rockland, Maine
late in the 19th century."

In the book THURSTON GENEALOGIES, Compiled and edited by Brown Thurston,   I
find on page 206 # 3121  LENA EFFIE 7,  b. May 18, 1863; m. Sept. 22, 1880,
CORYDON YORK,  b. Oct. 18, 1858, a mason in Rockport, Me. son of GEORGE
STINSON and PHEBE (HERRICK) YORK of Rockport, Me.   They have:
3122   MABEL MARTHA (YORK) b. March 12, 1881, and 3123 NETTIE MAY. 3124
1889.   These had to be almost the last entries that Brown made before he
published his book in 1892
Lena's father was # 1477 on page 205 WILLIAM THURSTON 6  decended from DANIEL

I decend from DANIEL 1, via son STEPHEN, 2   and am trying to find out if the
MARY ST. CLAIRE,  mentioned in the book on page 26, who married STEPHEN, 3 the
brother of ROBERT, 3 (my line) is the same MARY, born about 1719, living July
23, 1731, and find out who KESIAH,  born about 1718, living July 23, 1731,

DANIEL THURSTON  1 was also a Trooper in the King Phillips's War from Newbury,
Ma. so that is at least two your ancestors fighting in 1675,

I also connect with the SINKLER/SINCLAIR/ST.CLARE/ST.CLAIRE line thro my
2GGrandmother, SOPHIA  F. BEAN, who decends from JOHN BEAN and ROGER SHAW. and
the BEAN'S and SINCLAIR'S  have been inter-marring for a long time.
She married JOEL M. 6, THURSTON,  who is not in the THURSTON GENEALOGIES,
because no-one from JONATHAN, 5 THURSTON'S family ever sent the data in.

Thank you for writing and letting me know of our kinship.

Anson J. Thurston, Jr.        MMCM (USN) Retired
Camarillo, CA.  93010        Jon686Jm@aol.com
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