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RE: Ontario Sinclairs

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To Wanda and Marilyn

I was at the Archives of Ontario all yesterday afternoon (Thursday).  I hope you have better luck than I did.  I would love to report that I finally found the missing link (a will or deed or anything) on my Neil Sinclair (mid 1770s to mid
1840s 'ish).  No such luck.  I wanted to go to the Anglican Archives to check out the 2 Sinclair young men who drowned with the Anglican minister in 1847, but they are closed on Thursdays.  

Marilyn, if you are lucky, you might be able to park in the garage directly opposite the Archives.  Since it's in the area of government offices, Saturday
is probably a good day.  After you check into your hotel, I'd ask the front desk for a map.  Grenville St. is quite short.  I know you can access it from Yonge St. turning west, but I can't remember if it is above or below College St.  I
drove in circles, trying to find it myself for quite a while.

We will try to get to the Sinclair Gathering early, so we can have a chat before the luncheon.

Till Sunday!


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