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Re: 17th Earl of Caithness

You wrote; "Am intrigued with a  bit of ND History about  the arrivial in 1880 of John Sutherland Sinclair, the 17th Earl of Caithness to Lakota ND. from Thurso, Scotland.
You know, I came upon that bit of  curious information about the 17th Earl a couple years ago and have felt that there might be a real story there. Thanks for bringing it up again. Could ND be more enticing than Caithness?  Couldn't be in the winter.  I think that I remember that during the early 1880's there were mild winters and wet enough summers that NE and I suppose the Dakotas looked pretty good to people.  I had a lot of people leave WI for NE then.
    But then came some horrible winters when the ranchers were wiped out.  Again PBS has given us a series about the west that told about that.  I remember the piles of frozen carcasses.
    Did the Earl remain?  Are there descendant of his out there?  Here again we are back to ND as was Rollo's statue.  Did the Earl's descendants take part in the ND commemorative events in 1912?  What was the status of the Earldom?
 Wm. St. Clair