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Robert Sinclair

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   Hi!! Everyone.
I'm stuck can anyone help me?
My G.G.Grandfather was Robert Sinclair,he was born Lerwick Shetland 
Islands.The various info I have on him has some conflicting information 
so his birth date could have been 1821 to 1827.He was the son of William 
Sinclair and Ann Coutts.
Robert arrived in Australia approx 1851,married Ellen Garrett in 
Melbourne 1855.They had 10 children in Australia.
A great chap in the Shetland History group did a search through all the 
Shetland OPR'S and could find no trace of Robert or his parents.
Is someone related?
Roberts father William was a Merchant,so maybe the family were not from 
Hope someone can HELP!!!!
Ann (sinclair) Geisler   Mackay,Australia

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