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Re: Sinclair /Shetland Islands

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Dear Ian,
Thank-you so very much for finding me the name of my great great great 
grandmother. You have filled in a big missing piece of my family history 
The names were confirmed by looking into the research so far and finding 
A grandchild named Henry Lyall after my great great great grandmother's 
father, there was also a Barbara and a Janet. Names that had meant 
little to my research till you were able to fill in this missing piece.
I am very gratful,
Jenny Coster

>	I did a quick check on Victorian BDM tonight and found the following:
>Birth - James SINCLAIR
>Vic BDM ref  1858/9725
>Father - William SINCLAIR
>Mother - Barbara LYALL
>Birth - Margaret SINCLAIR
>Vic BDM ref 1856/12609
>Father - William SINCLAIR
>Mother - Barbara FYLLE  (Note similarity of pronunciation_
>Death - Barbara SINCLAIR
>Vic BDM ref 1859/6152
>Father - Henry LYALL
>Mother - Janet SINCLAIR
>Vic BDM certificates cost AUD17.00 each and requests should be 
>Registrar Births, Deaths & Marriages
>589 Collins St.,
>Melbourne.	Vic. 3199
>I hope this is of some use to you
>Ian Sinclair

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