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Re: St. Clair geneology

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John, The person who can give you the most help is Jean Grigsby.  She has
studied this twig of the family to a fare-the-well and between Jean and my
mother's cousin Lillian StClair Blackford there is not much they can't help
you with.  I'm not sure where we join up but this is what I have      	
Meador StClair B. May 27 1825     D. Sept. 5, 1889
son John Henry StClair  B March 30, 1858  W. va.   D. Aug.30,1907 Eggleston
We have a great-uncle, the son of John Henry who ran away from home in his mid
teens whose name was James Meador born in W.Va. on March 17,1878.  The last
time his mother heard from him he was in the Coalinga Ca. area.  Is it
possible that he turned up in W.Va. again?  My mother is a granddaughter of
John Henry and she and her sisters still live in the Christiansbrug area.
Welcome cousin.                               Charlotte Gellis 
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