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Fw: Ancestor search

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From: WILLIAM F. ST. CLAIR <wfs@sullybuttes.net>
To: Sinclair jump <sinclair@jump.net,>
Date: Wednesday, January 27, 1999 9:08 PM
Subject: Ancestor search

Dear cousins,
I am a bit confused, may have sent this letter in caps 1/21/99, it probably did not go thru as I am netneophyte.  How enjoyable to read all the messages from cousins zipping about the globe.  We are descendants of Isaac Page St. Clair, born 3/10/1832 at Topsham Me. He md. Ruth Ann Frost of Lisbon Me. at Concord Nh. 11/24/1852.  He was son of Joseph Sinclair who is shown to be born at Greene Me. 3/1/1802. we have been to Greene and can find no trace whatever of his ever being there in any shape, just nothing!  Madeline Mc Donald, a pro. genealogist found two of his infant sons buried at the old Lewiston cemetary at Topsham Me. Joseph md. Dorcas Page from Litchfield Me. or Nh. 1/24/1842. He is the son of James Sinclair bn. 1/29/1770 at Topsham Me. md. Priscilla ?  From this point back it becomes a leap of faith back to Robert Sincklar or Robert Pike Sincklar bn. 1730 or 1745 (there were two about the same time that will fit) he md.
Susanna Thorne 8/20/1770. Then back to Samuel>James> John Sinkler #1 of  Exeter Nh. They all had Boo Coo`s of kids, Help!  Help!  Wm. Frost St.