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Re: mail and responses to it

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She's not on the list anymore.

As near as I can decipher what happened, it appears that she found a
large number messages in her inbox yesterday, successfully got off the
list, but didn't realize that that wouldn't do anything about messages
that had already been sent.

Everyone please note that instructions on how to get off the list are
included with every message to this list.  They do work.  People use
them all the time.  Normally they require no intervention from me; the
list software processes your request and you are removed from the list;
that is what happened this time, too.

New people subscribe all the time.  Thus far, the total number
of list members keeps increasing in the long run.  However, it's
normal for some people to try it and not like it.

The current number of subscribers is 197.  The maximum I've noticed
was 206.  There have been several unsubscriptions in this past week.
This is also normal; as a list grows, the amount of traffic on it
increases, and people who don't like to receive many messages a day
decide they don't want to continue.

However, I would suggest that those of you who have massive amounts
of information might consider posting URLs for it, rather than numerous
large messages.

Another time-tested approach is to say what you've got and ask who is
interested; if you only get a few responses, send it only to those few
people; but if you get a lot of interest, then it's probably good to
post the details to the list.

You can't please everybody, but we all have to cooperate for the list to work.

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