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The SS HyperTree: Rollo of Normandy

To Laurel, Rick, Serena and all other interested parties, please see
this. I other have some additional information I will be sending.

Title: The SS HyperTree: Rollo of Normandy

Rollo of Normandy

Born c870 in ?
Died c930 in ?

Mother: ?
Father: ?

Married to: Poppa de Bayeux


Here's what I can tell you:

Well well. Hmm. I've removed the scads of Rollo's ancestors because I am something of a blind devotee to those people in soc.genealogy.medieval who convincingly argue his parentage is unknown. (So why do I have Adam in my GEDCOM? Because it is fun!)

>From Ancestral Roots via the above forum:

"GANGER ROLF, "the Viking" (or ROLLO), banished from Norway to the Hebrides ca. 876, 890 participated in Viking attack on Bayeux, where Count Berenger of Bayeux was killed, and dau. Poppa captured and taken, 886, by Rollo (now called Count of Rouen) as his "Danish" wife. Under Treaty of St. Claire, 911, rec'd the Duchy of Normandy from CHARLES III, "the Simple"; d. ca. 927 , bur. Notre Dame, Rouen. ... "

If you look at the DejaNews archives for s.g.m and search on Rollo you will find more useful discussion. I think of particular value is this post by Stewart Baldwin. Viewing the entire thread and searching as described is recommended.

His relationship to me: 35th great-grandfather

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