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Re: Sinclair's in MN Attn: John and Laurel

I love Riverdance.  Even got a video on doing the dance.  My husband and I are ballroom dancers.  We started out in American style which allows you to separate and do interesting things but he is so enamored of the International style (seen as Ohio Star Ball on PBS from Columbus, OH--I guess you don't get that either)  which doesn't allow the couples to separate. 
So even more I love the wildness of the Celtic dancing.  The red-haired woman that was the lead dancer, was so beautiful.  But he replaced her.  I have the feeling that in real life he goes through women like old tennis shoes. "What's his name" is just an old rogue but so dashing.  The latest video out,--is it Feet of Flames???  just doesn't compare.  Too much razzle dazzle.  I would expect that that first dance group had holes in their costumes and were held together with safety pins but they had HEART!


My grandfather, John Sinclair,  lived in Wellsville Ohio,  on the river.
He would have been born around 1885 I guess but I have very little

John Walter Sinclair

John:  Thanks for the information. It could prove useful. Do you have any other information on this John to go on?

Laurel: Thanks to you also for always providing so much useful and potentially useful information. You are a veritable fountain of facts, dates and places. I wish I had PBS here so I could watch that Bagpipe special. I watched a segment on CNN just last night that featured Celtic music and I couldn't pull away from it, even though I had tons of writing to do. The sound of the bagpipes does something absolutely unexplainable to me. I get goosebumps all over and tears in my eyes at the sound of them. It is as though they are beckoning me to some distant ancestral home, though I know not where.

Have you heard of the "Riverdancers" by chance?