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Re:Saw the PBS Bagpipe special

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I watched the first part of the Bagpipe special last night.  I can
appreciate where you are coming from.  It was a lot of blood and gore but
unfortunately a fact of history.  What I found interesting is the long
history of the bagpipes and that they were used by just about everyone in
early times.
    I couldn't help but let out an exclamation as they were glorifying the
Black Watch that fought so bravely at Ft. Ticonderoga.   That stupid bunch
of English in the War Dept. that wouldn't let the soldiers follow the
training in frontier tactics given them by Robert Rogers.  Of couse this was
quite a bit different because it involved a siege.  I sure wish we would
have had two more days this summer and been able to get to Ft. Ticonderoga.
Had an ancestor, whose cousin lived on the road to that fort.  Elder Stevens
was a Loyalist and counted all the soldiers and noted all the movements and
sent the information down to the British.
    I did get my Christmas present of the book, "Saratoga" by Richard M.
Ketchum.  That makes 19 books piled up here to read.
Portland, OR

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