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Hello Marilyn

Since you and I live a reasonable distance from Buffalo, I assume that we both get PBS broadcast service from either ch 17 or 23.  I wasn't able to find the program everyone was discussing regarding the Bagpipes listed today.  Did you
catch it?  I would dearly love to see it.

How are you making out with your research?  Just when I was ready to give up on    my Neil S. and accept the fact that he was born, but I would never find out when, where, and the son of whom - I was surfing the net,and found the little newspaper from the Isle of Islay.  In it they have a book review of Islay 
related books, and one was by a Dr. Storrie about the island, and apparently
she had visited the village of Islay, Ontario while doing her research on the
islanders who left.  Well, that is where our Sinclairs first settled, so I am
ordering the book, and will try to correspond with the author to exchange
information.  Never give up!

Here is another suggestion for you.  You could try to write the Chamber of Commerce or public library in the area where your ancestors were at a particular time and ask if there are any local books written about the people of that time.  In the area of Islay, Ontario, there were several books written by local people about  neighbouring towns and townships.  I've collected some of them, and there is always a bit of information.  When I found out that 2 of Neils sons were drowned while trying to transport an Anglican minister across a river in 1847, I was able to find a paragraph about the minister in one of the books.  It gave the name of the newspaper in Peterborough which ran the story.  I'm planning to go up to  P. soon to try to get a copy.  Because both sons were unmarried, it
might mention something about their parents. You never know!

Good luck with your research.


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