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Sinclair in /accessible/text/gaz2/00000230/00023013.htm
Title: Sinclair in /accessible/text/gaz2/00000230/00023013.htm
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March 29, 1759 The Pennsylvania Gazette
ITEM #23013
March 29, 1759
The Pennsylvania Gazette

Philadelphia, Match 28, 1759.
By Brigadier General STANWIX, Commanding His MAJESTYFORCES

IT having been represented to me, That there are many
Persons who have furnished CARRIAGES for the Use of His
MajestyTroops, or delivered Flour or other Provisions by
Weight at Pittsburgh; all such Persons, upon Delivery of their
Certificates, signed by the Commanding Officer of Pittsburgh,
to Sir John << Sinclair>> , Deputy Quarter Master General, by the
Persons appointed in the different Counties to receive them,
shall be immediately paid. Likewise all those who have Claims
for various Services, performed on the Enterprize to Fort
Duquesne, under the Command of the late Brigadier General JOHN
FORBES, who, for want of knowing where to apply, their just
Demands have not been satisfied. And all Persons concerned in
furnishing Carriages, Horses, Forage, &c. for the said
Expedition, upon their Accounts being delivered to Sir John
<< Sinclair>> , by their respective Waggon Masters, Horse Masters,
and others concerned, in order to be examined, shall be paid,
as soon as these Accounts can possibly be adjusted.


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