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Sinclair in /accessible/text/gaz2/00000250/00025032.htm

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Title: Sinclair in /accessible/text/gaz2/00000250/00025032.htm
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July 3, 1760 The Pennsylvania Gazette
ITEM #25032
July 3, 1760
The Pennsylvania Gazette

To be LETT for a Term of YEARS,
A COMMODIOUS Tan Yard, with good Fats [sic], Tan Pits, Mill
house, Beam House, and CurrierShop, with a sufficient
Quantity of Bark for the ensuing Year; conveniently situated
by the great Road leading from Philadelphia to Lancaster, in
West Caln Township, Chester County. For Terms apply to JOHN
and ANNE << SINCLAIR>> , in said Township, Excut. to GEORGE
<< SINCLAIR>> , deceased.

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