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GenConnect Surname Board

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I don't know if anyone on the list is a Rootsweb subscriber or mail list
owner through Rootsweb, but they recently posted info about adding Surname
Boards at GenConnect which is affiliated with Rootsweb.

I have added a surname list (DeHart), as a family page coordinator for that

I was surprised to find that St. Clair, Sinclair, Sinkler was not on the
list of Surnames.

There is room for several boards that are SEARCHABLE, i.e. queries,
obituaries, biographies, deeds, pensions and wills.

I was wondering if anyone on the list is interested in this undertaking.  I
can do it, but am currently stretched pretty thin as far as web genealogy
projects I have going on.  I will probably be taking over a county web page
soon as well.

Please, what does everyone think about this?


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