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Re: Hannah Sinclair, of Orkney, Scotland

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To Serena, Marilyn, Charndra and Jennie-Louise

Here is a list of Sinclairs from Orkney which I copied from Donald Whyte's "A
Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada Before Confederation" (1867):

#9832 BAKIE, b ca 1800, From OKI, entered HBCo service as a labourer, 1821, and was at churchill until 1829.  Labourer and cattleman at Oxford House, Island Lake 1829-39.  Appears as blacksmith and labourer at Cumberland House, 1839-44.  Ret to Red River Settlement, and in 1844 and 1848 purchased land.  By wife Elizabeth had ch: 1. Beth, b ca. 1837;  2. George, b 1851; 3. Thomas, b 1853; 4. Nancy, b 1855.  HBB

9857 MALCOLM,   From OKI. to Hudson Bay, and served with the HBCo.  Canoeman at Chesterfield House, 1800.    SJC 269, 313

9856 MAGNUS,  Prob from OKI to Hudson Bay, poss <1732.  Served with HBCo as a mason.  Contr expired 1737, when due to retr home    LBH241

9868 THOMAS,  from OKI.  bro/o William S. (11180) to Can. 1824, and entered HBCo service.  Served as a sloop master at York Factory, 1824 - 26.  Accompanied Aemillius Simpson (11098) to the Columbia Dist. and acted as mate on the ship Cadboro, during the building of Ft. Langley.  Retr to Britain on the Ganymede, 1834.    MRL 456

9870 WILLIAM, 1766-20 Apr 1818.  From Harray, Mainland, OKI.  To York Factory on the King George, 1782.  Emp as a carpenter by the HBCo.  taken prisoner by the French, 1782, but retr to the Bay.  At York Factory until 1790, when he retr home for health reasons.  Re-engaged 1792 as a clerk at York Factory.  Estab. Oxford House, 1798, and was in charge there until 1812, when app chief factor.  At Norway House, 1812-14, when he went home.  Re-engaged again, 1815, and served at Knee Lake and Oxford House.  He died in service, testate.  Married a Cree woman, Nahoway.  ch. 1. William, 1794-1868, served with the HBCo; 2. John;  3. James, merchant at Red River along with Andrew McDermott, led two parties of setlers to OR, USA;  4. Thomas; 5. Colin; 6. Phoebe;  7.   Catherine;  8. Jane; 9. Anne; 10 Mary.    MRL 456; SJC 39, 171;  LJL-2, 79;  CEC 236;  HBB

9871 WILLIAM.  From OKI, To Hudson Bay <1795, when serving inland from York Factory with the HBCo.  Prob the man of this name worked at Buckingham House, 1796-99.    SJC39, 167

9873 WILLIAM, b ca 1799.  From Lyking, Sandwich par., Mainland, OKI.  Entered HBCo service as a labourer, 1825.  Worked in the Island Lake dist to 1835, latterly as a trader and interpreter.  Poss the man at Ungava, 1836-37.   HBB

11180  WILLIAM.  From OKI.  brother of Thomas S. to Can. <1825. Emp with HBCo.   SH.

HBB= Hudson's Bay Biographies.  Typed biographies of employees of the Hudson's Bay Company Archives, Vaughan St. Winnipeg, Man RC3 1T5

SJC= Saskatchewan Journals & Correspondence:  Edmonton House, 1795-1800;  Chesterfield House 1800-1802, edited by Alice M Johnston, London: Hudson's Bay Record Society, 1967

LHB = Letters from Hudson's Bay, 1703-1740, edited by K.G. Davies, assisted by
A.M. Johnson.  London:  Hudson's Bay Record Society, 1965

MRL = Minutes of Council, Northern Department of Rupert Land, 1821-1831, edited by R. Harvey Fleming.  London & Toronto: Champlain Society for the Hudson's Bay Record Society, 1940

LJL- 1,2,3 = the Letters of John McLoughlin from Fort Vancouc=ver to the Governor and Committee, 1825-38, 1839-44, 1844-46, edited by E.E. Rich.  London & Toronto:  Hudson's Bay Record Society and the Champlain Society, 1941, 43, 44.

CEC = London Correspondence Inward from Eden Colvile, 1849-1852, edited by E.E. Rich, assisted by A. M. Johnson, London:  Hudson's Bay Record Society, 1956

SH = Services of Heirs:  Decennial Indexes, vols. 1-5, 1700-1869, Edinburgh, Copies on the Scottish Record Office.

That's all I have.  I hope it shines some light on some of your research.  Unfortunately, this is not the group of Sinclairs I am personally searching for.

Anyone have Islay Sinclairs in their background?  Just fishing,  but you never know!

Toni S.

P.S. Please save this.  I can't because I've run out of room in my email memory!

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