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Re: Sinclairs in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, BC, Wash, Oregon, Montana, ...

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	Happy New Year to you.  
	I myself just joined, in search of Sinclair ancestors.
	I have no connection to you that I know of but just wanted to share with you
While looking for Sinclairs in New Hampshire, I found a Great Aunt.  (90) She
said that our family had Indians, Fur traders, nobility, and real Paris
French.  This all got my interest, so I went looking.
I follow my Bellemare (dit) Gelinas -Blais line to a wall in 1844 George Blais
m Sophia St.Pierre and could not get where.  With the help of one of the
members of my French Canadian Library, he found a Protestant marriage for
Sophia parents and they were named Michael St.Pierre and Anne Sinclair.  She
was from England. This line took me to the nobility.  
	I went back to my aunt with this information and she told me that it is
correct, and that the family used to have English Tea time.  Anne's family was
wealthy and came to Canada to get into the fur trade.  But they ended up
getting swindled out of a lot of money.
Michael St.Pierre and Anne Sinclair were married 21 Jan 1797 Trois Rivieres,
	I was also excited to find another Sinclair line in my tree.  But it turned
out that a descendant of theirs made a correction into the Drouin for her
correct last name and also the name of her parents.
The last lame is Sangland (but I am not positive on this) parents William
Sangland (other variations I have seen are Sirclean, Sinclair, England ) and
the mothers name was Margaret Frider. They also had a son Michael Sangland.  
	It would be interesting to find out that the name is really Sinclair!
	Since you have chosen to focus on the fur trade, did you happen to come
across the Sangland, St.Pierre names about 1790-1800?
	It made my G-Aunt happy to know that her memories were still good.  It was a
pleasure to give her that knowledge.  But I have yet to find one Indian in my
tree.  (But I do a a father and his parents of a female ancestor, but the name
of the mother is not mentioned at all.  This may be something who knows)
I enjoyed reading your information.  It is a lot of hard work looking at old
information to pull out those people that belong to you tree.  I appreciate
Sharon Sinclair 
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