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Almost Cousins

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I received a Christmas card from Jane with a note that the Quarterman book is
ready; I had copied an address to buy it---and, as sometimes happens, took
such good care of it until I lost it.  Please give it to me again.

Also, that the Sinclair book is about ready?  That, of course, I will want

Now, about the McIntoshes;  my Christian ("old" Christian) mar. Donald/Daniel
McIntosh.  I haven't searched diligently yet for all his ancestors.  This
isn't "Sinclair business", I know, but maybe the Group will forgive me this
time---since we're almost cousins through the Sinclairs!  I still don't know
that connection other than through Cousin Duncan (we called "D" or "Shine").
Visited with Cousin Ruth a couple of years ago and she was as delightful as

Have a super holiday and an especially good New Year.  I'll appreciate the
information about both books.  Thanks.
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