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Fw: H. St.Clair [GLSHIPS-L] 1902 shipwreck

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Perhaps someone will recognize the unfortunate H. St.Clair.

> From: Charles H Rutherford <cruther@juno.com>
> To: GLSHIPS-L@rootsweb.com
> Subject: [GLSHIPS-L] 1902 shipwreck
> Date: Monday, December 14, 1998 10:25 AM
> Although the information I am posting is probably available in various
> libraries, I will send it along in the hope it might help someone.  This
> information comes from a newspaper article which I photocopied.
> 23 Nov. 1902
> The steamer Sylvanus J Macy foundered and all on board were lost.
> They were:
> Captain              M.W.Gotham     Richland city Wi.
> First Mate          M.A. Gotham     Richland City Wi.
> Engineer            W.F. Gregory     312 Fort St. Detroit Mi.
> 2nd Engineer     George Webb    Marine City
> Cook                   Mrs M. Granger
> Wheelsman        W.F. Giese
> Wheelsman        W.H. Donavon
> Lookout               H. St.Clair
> Lookout               L.R. Gotham       Richland City Wi.
> Fireman               Mark Hornby
> Fireman               James Mack
> Deck hand           John Hanolly
> Deck hand           James Mahoney
> The Macy was towing the barge Mabel Wilson with Captain J.E. Gotham,
> brother of M.W. Gotham on board the Wilson. It further states that the
> list of names might be slightly erroneous as they were taken from the
> trip sheet of the last voyage.  Two of the men who sailed on the Macy
> several years,
> John Nugent and ? McCord quit the ship in Buffalo before she sailed.
> There is more to the article but this lists the event and people
> involved.
> cruther@juno.com
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