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Robert of Wells, Maine

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I have been to the LDS church and made a copy of Leonard Morrison's 
chapter on Robert Wells.  He made a very argument for Robert being 
the son of John of Exeter, and yes I must agree most of our family 
names have certainly followed this line of the family, the fact 
remains I am still at a dead end or am I.  I just cannot assume that
John is Robert's father.  I have looked through practically every 
book in the Seattle library and have written back to Maine but unfortunately
nothing is indexed.  My question is where and how I do proceed?  Do I 
write to New Hampshire or Maine to see about the land grants that were 
given.  I am just stymied as to how to prove that Robert is the son of 
John but that would sure solve a lot of this mystery if I could.  Any 
suggestions at all would be appreciated.  Sincerely, Anna Hendrickson.

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