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Re: Outstanding Sinclairs

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In a message dated 98-10-22 22:09:39 EDT, Laurel wrote:

<< I came across a note to myself:
 How were the Sinclairs involved with the Sinclair Oil Company? >>

Anybody got some answers?

On another subject, you might like to know that the firm
Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. has its address at 200 West 41st Street,
Baltimore, MD, 21211.  They own in excess of 28 television stations in diverse
geographical markets, so says their Annual Report of 1995.  More stations are
being acquired, giving them a presence in Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Columbus,
Birmingham, Milwaukee, Raliegh, & Norfolk, I believe.  Is it possible that
their president, David D. Smith, has Sinclair ancestry?   

As in Medieval times, our family continues to distinguish itself.  Let's
develop a list of "Outstanding Sinclairs".  


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